Portable diagnostic health services,
where they're needed most

Hipmed kicked off with a somber realization

Soon, more people around the world will carry a smartphone than have access to nearby, convenient healthcare services. There’s been a rapid development in phone technology, manufacturing, distribution, but globally, there hasn’t been an equal growth in global health services.

Technological solutions to humanitarian problems

Hipmed focuses on efforts developing software and new diagnostic techniques to allow the technology in commodity smartphones to assist in diagnosing a patient, anywhere in the world.

Device agnostic

There's a wide range of devices out there - yet, while some may have different capabilities, we work on making all have some degree of medical utility

Privacy and security

Data transfer when transmitted to a qualified clinician for analysis is encrypted to the highest level possible

Ease of use

An emphasis on ease of use for all health care workers using the platform will ensure diagnostic data accuracy and the quicker arrival at a correct diagnosis

Versatility of diagnostic capabilities

Cameras, often multiple microphones, accelerometers - common sensing devices in smartphones allow for sophisticated and varied diagnostic tests where none may have been previously possible

Engineered for anywhere

Hipmed is focused on disadvantaged areas that don't yet have advanced medical infrastructure - disaster areas, rural villages, neglected communities - this is where we make a difference

A partnership between smart technology and experienced professionals

Data retrieved from the field is sent OTA if possible - or saved later for download to a workstation - to a health care professional with access to a data collation application to assist in data interpretation

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